2 fashion icon - woman who was a man

3 she was a boy

4 supermodel woman who was a man

5 air force guy now a woman

6 musician woman who were a man

7 beautiful transformation (man to woman)

8 naughty boy now a serious woman

9 indian beauty - she was a guy

10 woman of the sixties was a man

11 britney spears look a like

12 an animal lover woman who was a man

13 single lady who was a guy

14 sex transformation - never too late to try

15 woman who was a man

16 She was him

17 The boy that was - Now a Super sexy woman

18 Asian beauty (pretty girl who was a boy)

19 Caucasian beauty (man now a woman)

20 Asian Socialite - Macho man now a pretty woman

21 German Guy now a Girl

22 Japanese Charm (Ladyboy)

23 Asian Ladyboy

24 Muay Thai Champion turned Beauty Queen (Thailand)

25 A male officer now a nun

26 man growing old as a woman

27 she was handsome

28 she was him

29 pretty man now a woman

30 beauty secrets

31 chinese lady boy


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